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Skills Tests

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ITT Skills Tests in Numeracy, Literacy and IT.
What help is there for Dyslexic Trainees?

Skills Tests


At the present time it is a national requirement that all trainee teachers pass the three skills tests in Numeracy, Literacy and IT, before going on to their induction year and being awarded QTS.


Trainees who are statement with SpLD can apply for 25% extra time on the tests and may be able to opt to take their test on paper.

You can do this by contacting the TDA Skills Test Team at or on 020 7925 3700.


There are a number of trainees who have contacted the DTA who have had difficulty completing these tests and consequently, despite showing that they are competent teachers, are still working as unqualified teacher on unqualified wages.


The TDA (Training and Development Agency) claims that only 1% of trainees really cannot pass the tests.

Figures analysing the 2001 skills tests, (found at show that 1.25% of applicants stated that they were dyslexic. In these figures dyslexic trainees had one of the lowest pass rates out of the groups investigated; after two attempts 87% of dyslexic candidates passed the Numeracy test and 84% passed the Literacy test.


What are the TDA doing to ensure that trainee teachers who are dyslexic are fairly treated regarding these tests?


Is it appropriate for an Art teacher, for example, who has passed all the other standards and requirements for QTS, to be subjected to more tests of their ability, when they have grade C and above in GCSE English and Maths?



In order to establish fair policy for teachers with dyslexia The DTA have set up a questionnaire.

The questionnaire is designed to highlight the difficulties that individuals have experienced with the tests.


After an evaluation of the questionnaire a petition will be sent to The DfES and The TDA Skills Test Team.

The petition will outline the difficulties that trainees face because of the tests and the changes that we think should be made to the current system.

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