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Here are some usefull links about Dyslexia and related conditions

 Dyslexia Links

The British Dyslexia Association - information on dyslexia.

"A voice for Dyslexic people"

Information on Dyslexia from Channel 4 

The Dyslexia Institute - Information on Dyslexia. Training, teaching and assessment      

British Dyslexics - Information on Dyslexia.       

Dyslexia Research Trust – “All you need to know about Dyslexia”

Simon’s Raising Achievement Website – Including information on aspects of education including on S.E.N.


Adult Dyslexia
Description: Information and resources about dyslexia for dyslexic adults.

The Adult Dyslexia Organisation - "ADO advises, supports and empowers dyslexic adults."

The Dyslexia Institute – Adult Dyslexia Page


Other Dyslexia Links
Description: Information and resources about dyslexia for teachers. 

A comprehensive site for information on technology for Dyslexia and related conditions.
American Website including a number of articles about teaching pupils with Special Needs.

Training and Consultancy in Dyslexia Awareness and Learning

A detailed webite outlining how to use memory mapping efectively

The National Association for Special Educational Needs website



Dyslexia Books

'The Secret Life of the Dyslexic Child'
Robert Frank, Kathryn E. Livingston
Rodale Press
"Dyslexia in the Workplace"
Dina Bartlett and Sylvia Moody
Whurr Publishers
 "Dyslexia Pocketbook"
Julie Bennett
Teachers' Pocketbooks

Please e-mail The D.T.A. with any other suggestions that you have for useful resources relating to Dyslexia.

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