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Usefull Lesson Plan Layouts

Here are two example lesson plan layouts that you may find useful.


You may find them helpful to you as they have boxes and bullet points to help you to organise your thoughts.


Lesson Plan Layout 1 is formatted so that boxes are coloured in two shades of grey, you can change these colours to suit your preference.


They have been created in Microsoft Word. If you would like the layouts in another format, please contact me at


When you click "click here to download lesson plan" you will be given the option to open or save.


If you open the file, it will open in this browser window. You can cut and paste the file to edit and use yourself in Microsoft Word.


If you choose to save the file, you will save the document to your computer. You can then open the file and use it or edit is according to your needs.


These lesson plan layouts may not cover everything that your school or university wishes you to have in a lesson plan. Please check before using them, and edit them accordingly. If you have any problems editing, please contact me.

click here to download lesson plan 1

click here to download lesson plan 2