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Dyslexia Test

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This is a test of 20 questions to find out the likelihood of you being dyslexic.

This test is not a definitive test for dyslexia, but it is an indicator of the likelihood that you may be dyslexic.



Please read the questions and record your answers, yes, or no.


1.       Do you have difficulty knowing your left from right?


2.       Do you find map reading difficult?


3.       Do you dislike reading out loud?


4.       Do you take longer than others to read a page of a book?


5.       Do you find it difficult to remember what you have just read?


6.       Do you dislike reading long books or paragraphs?


7.       Is your spelling poor?


8.       Is anyone in your family dyslexic?


9.       Do you get confused when you have to speak in public?


10.     Do you find it difficult to take messages and remember them correctly?


11.     Do you have difficulty pronouncing long words?


12.     Do you find mental arithmetic difficult?


13.     Do you get number mixed up when you use a phone?


14.     Do you find it difficult to say the months of the year in order?


15.     Do you find it difficult to say the months of the year backwards?


16.     Do you mix up dates and times and miss appointments?


17.     Do you often make mistakes when writing cheques?


18.     Do you find form filling difficult?


19.     Do you mix up bus numbers like 36 and 63?


20.     When you were younger did you mix up b’s with d’s?



Now count the number of times that you answered “Yes” to a question.


If you answered “Yes" to nine or more questions there is a likelihood that you are dyslexic.


If you would like to get a full diagnosis then contact your LEA or go to for more information.

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