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What Can I Do?

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As a Colleague of a Dyslexic Teacher there are many ways in which you can help their development

1.          Find out what Dyslexia is and how it will affect your

             colleague. Talk to your colleague about their particular

             problem areas.


2.        Try to be supportive, without being pushy. Although Dyslexic

            Teachers may need some help, in many areas the may be

         very proficient.


3.        Be patient, but fair.  You may be asked for help with spelling,

           or to proof read reports or lesson plans. If you feel that this is

          not your responsibility, or that you do not have time, explain

          the situation politely or suggest an alternative idea.


4.       Do not ridicule your colleague. It is very easy to laugh and make fun of silly spelling mistakes or organisational problems, it is also easy to laugh at yourself making silly mistakes and it is easy for a joke to go too far.



If you have any problems or questions, please contact the D.T.A. at