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Many of the methods that have been listed on the “Dyslexic Teachers” page are solely reliant on the teacher, however, as a mentor, there are a number of things that you can do to help.

What can I do?


1.       As with any pupil with a learning disability, you should be positive and supportive about their problems. This may mean that you meet up regularly to discuss their progression and needs.


2.       Listen to their needs and try to do what you can

         to accommodate them.


3.       Talk with other staff about dyslexia to promote a greater awareness, to encourage fair treatment and minimise discrimination.       


4.       Respect the fact that although they have a learning difference, they should be treated equally to any other teacher.



Specific needs:


Each Dyslexic Teacher will encounter different problems. These are some of the things that they may need in order to progress.


1.       Access to a computer in order to type up reports

         or paperwork.


2.       Access to an area where files can be stored and a calendar/timetable can be displayed.


3.       Documents to be printed on coloured paper, (if they also suffer from Irlen Syndrome)


4.       Large documents to be reduced to notes or be made accessible through a PC.  


5.       An interactive whiteboard so that classroom notes can be typed before the lesson.


6.       Have someone available in the school to proof read paperwork that will be going to parents.



If you have any further queries regarding how you or the school can help Dyslexic Teachers please e-mail us at