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Who are these Dyslexic Teachers?


Any teacher in your school could be Dyslexic, but many Dyslexic Teachers are likely to suffer in silence. This could be for many reasons; possibly because they were never officially diagnosed with Dyslexia, they may have had problems with past employers, or they may not feel that they need help.

This may mean that you employ more Dyslexic Teachers than you know about. However, it is important that you show your support to those who have come forward.


Why should I support them?


As a mentor or senior member of staff it is your responsibility to ensure that your teaching staff has the appropriate help and support in order to develop.


The Disability Discrimination Act states that employers must allow "reasonable adjustments" in the work place to accommodate for employees with disabilities.


The D.T.A. believes that the strategies suggested on this site are “reasonable adjustments”.


What difference can I make?


There are many ways in which dyslexia can affect an individual’s ability to teach, but with the correct support, guidance and methods most of these problems can be eliminated.


If a teacher is confident and able this will reflect in the standards of their teaching, and consequently, the standards of their pupils.

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