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Dyslexic Teachers

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Information, advice and strategies for Dyslexic Teachers


Teaching is a demanding and rewarding career for anyone to undertake. Teachers who are dyslexic experience specific difficulties related to their dyslexia. These can be over come by developing strategies to deal with their learning differences.


The next four pages will outline some of these difficulties, and suggest methods and strategies for you to develop to reduce these problems.


There are also many positives about being a dyslexic teacher;

  • you may organise lessons in a clear way which will benefit all of the class
  • you may be able to recognise pupils with difficulties;
  • you may be able to effectively help pupils with dyslexia, as you have a first hand experience.
  • You may be more creative, have good problem sloving skills and have good visual and spatial thinking skills, all of which can be used in the classroom.


If you feel that you need more information, individual support, or that you have a strategies of your own to add to the website, please e-mail



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