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What is The DTA?

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What is The DTA?
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The Dyslexic Teachers' Association is a voluntary organisation developed to support Teachers’ in the UK with Dyslexia and related Specific Learning Difficulties.

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What is The D.T.A. ?
Who are the D.T.A.'s Members?

What is The D.T.A.?

The Dyslexic Teachers' Association or The D.T.A. is a charitable organisation which aims to provide information, advice and guidance to teachers and trainees with dyslexia, and to the colleagues of dyslexic teachers.


Currently we are providing this support through this website and through e-mail. However, we hope to expand the ways in which we can provide advice during this academic year, (see our constitution for more details).


Our goal is to see that Dyslexic teachers are recognised in schools and that they are supported effectively throughout their training and professional development.

Who are The D.T.A.'s members?

The D.T.A. was founded on the 21st of May 2005 by MrsTreley Woolger, who is the director of the organisation.


Mrs Woolger trained as a teacher at The University of Wales, Aberystwyth and is now in her second year of teaching in Milton Keynes where she holds the post of Assitant SENCo and Teacher of Drama and LAPD.

Mrs Treley Woolger


There are also other volunteers, from across the country, who have offered their support to The D.T.A. by becoming commitee members:


Julie Bennett

Freelance Trainer for Dyslexic people and their colleagues and parents:


Trevor Cope

Teacher of English in Devon
Specialist in SpLD and S.E.N. computer software

Giles Milner

Teacher of Essential Skills (Literacy, Numeracy and ICT) and Family Learning in Southampton.

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